Professional Curriculum Vitae

Udo Herrmann


"Those who keep saying that it won't work shouldn't stand in the way of those who are already doing it!

Professional Curriculum Vitae milestones

Udo Herrmann studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück with a focus on automation technology. After initially starting in the product management and sales position at a Ruhrgas subsidiary, Udo Herrmann moved to RWE Umwelt AG to the waste and recycling market.

There he held various management positions and was responsible for corporate and organizational development in addition to in-house consulting.

Based on his consulting activity, Udo Herrmann became a partner in a consulting and software company for a multi-brand sales management solution.

With this experience, he was subsequently employed as a member of the management board of a Swiss service provider for organizational development and IT in the automotive sector.

In 2015, he moved to LIG, where he works as a project manager for strategy, organizational and personnel development.