Professional Curriculum Vitae

Gunter Zeugner


"Personalities are not formed by beautiful speeches, but by work and own achievement."
(Albert Einstein)

Professional Curriculum Vitae milestones

Gunter Zeugner began his career with an apprenticeship as a millwright and completed a further vocational training as an aircraft mechanic in the military.

After completing his studies in mechanical engineering and the new opportunities that arose after the reunification, Gunter Zeugner became involved in the environmental and recycling industry as an entrepreneur.

In the constantly growing market, the expansion opportunities arose in the takeover by RWE Umwelt AG and the associated management tasks of RWE Umwelt Ost.

The constant changes in the market led me into the world of metal recycling and into various management positions at Scholz AG.

At the same time, Gunter Zeugner is and remains a convinced entrepreneur and from this role he takes on various consulting and interim management tasks for companies in the environmental and mechanical engineering sectors.