Professional Curriculum Vitae

Ferdinand Doppstadt​

"There is only one proof of skill: action."
(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

Professional Curriculum Vitae milestones

Ferdinand Doppstadt joined his parents' company in Doppstadt at a very young age, where he quickly assumed his first entrepreneurial responsibilities. With the knowledge of a successful apprenticeships in technical and bank clerk as well as the industry master letter specialization in metal, he was familiar with the needs of clients and the solutions which are required to be developed for them at a very early stage.

For over thirty years, he has been providing the company with a constant stream of new impulses for new applications and the development of new business areas. The founding of the service company USG Umweltservice secured access to lucrative special services in the field of environmental technology at an early stage. Following the acquisition of all shares in the Doppstadt family holding company - now LIG - Ferdinand Doppstadt is now concentrating on expanding the Group's business areas.