Professional Curriculum Vitae

Yang Cao

Bau.-Ing. and Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.

"Only what changes remains."

Professional Curriculum Vitae milestones

Yang Cao comes from Dalian, metropolis of millions, port city and international trade center in Northeast China.

Dalian is famous for its excellent seafood, maritime lifestyle, and cosmopolitan citizens. It was exactly this cosmopolitanism that brought her to Germany in 2002.

It is this transition between two worlds, two cultures, between Germany and China, Europe and Asia, that makes Yang Cao so attractive in daily life and in business.

Yang Cao has been part of the LIG team since 2019. She heads the Business Development China division. At the same time Yang is dedicated to support and consulting in the areas of project and patent management.

Previously, Yang was Head of Sales China and Sales Engineer China in various companies, responsible for the development and implementation of the sales strategy in China.

Yang is married and has one daughter.