Save ressources.
Create sustainable value.

Based on its competencies and skills, LIG invests in business areas with a focus on resource conservation.

Urbanites Worldwide in 2015
0 Mio.

Urbanization is one of the biggest challenges of our time.
Enormous investments are required to sustainably conserve resources. The LIG wants to actively shape this very dynamic market with innovations and new business models.

Urbanites Worldwide in 2050
0 Mio.

Our competence

Experts for resource conservation

LIG's strategic orientation and actions
are focused on ideas for products and services that serve to secure limited resources and the approach of closed loop recycling management.

In doing so, LIG draws on the extensive expertise of the group's companies, which are among the leading providers of environmental technology worldwide and enjoy an excellent reputation.

The innovative brands and creative partners bundled under the umbrella of LIG act as independently operating units in their respective business domains. They are committed to the same goals and values as LIG.

Our claim - that is what we do.

Act sustainably -
create values!

We feel responsible for the sustainable use of resources and thus the protection of the environment.Therefore, we align the strategic development of our group of companies with the megatrends of the 21st century: Urbanization, population growth, scarcity of resources.
Our companies' products and services contribute to the use of technologies and processes for the preservation and recovery of valuable resources, which directly benefit our customers and thus contribute to improving the quality of life.
Our strategy is aimed at helping to shape urbanization in a way that conserves resources. To this end, we invest in companies that share our goals and intelligently expand the solutions for our customers.

We achieve our goals through the consistent implementation of our strategy

LIG Strategiepyramide
We are Midsize
Sustainable for small
and medium-sized

LIG's strategy is focused on investing in healthy, medium-sized companies in the defined business areas.
You can find out what this means by opening the headlines.

Company acquisitions are not a goal in themselves. It has to fit.
We acquire companies, keep them and develop them further - sustainably.

Under the umbrella of a lean holding company, the companies operate independently, but with the support of LIG.

LIG's goal is to form a strong group of Hidden Champions, market and technology leaders and forgers of innovation.

The LIG's activities are characterized by a medium-sized, entrepreneurial and sustainable approach.

LIG holds investments which organize and are responsible for the operating business in the identified business segments.

The investments are actively further developed. When necessary, further companies are acquired and integrated into the corporate structure and culture in a suitable manner.

  • Stronger together - networking and learning from each other
  • Preserve strengths -eliminate weaknesses
  • Clear rules of the game - ”parent company – subsidiary” relationship
  • Solutions for succession issues - in medium-sized businesses
  • Healthy finances as a guarantee for sustainability

Within the framework of our strategy, we are interested in companies and partnerships which are listed under the following criteria:

  • Active in one of our business areas
  • Medium-sized company (up to 100 employees / 25 million € turnover)
  • Growth limited by its own efforts
  • Innovative portfolio corresponding to the existing brands

An overview of the shareholding structure can be found here

You can find an overview of key data here

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The cornerstone of success

Langenberger Innovations

It all began at Niederberg in the Bergisches Land.
Hedwig, Werner and Josef Doppstadt founded the agricultural contracting business "Doppstadt".
The enthusiasm for technical innovations, inventiveness as well as the recognition of market requirements are still the main driving force for the successful creative power of the 2nd generation of partners.

Success stories of our companies